An Unexpected ‘Mom’ Gift

Baby down!

I repeat: Baby down!

The baby fell asleep extra early tonight, leaving me with unexpected ‘me’ time! Unexpected ‘alone’ time! The boys are out with the guys for the evening. My daughter is grounded (very much deserved!). The baby is asleep! I’m already showered! I can’t keep my head from running wild with all the possibility!

The best part is that it’s unexpected! Had it been expected, I would have surely planned something to do with this time, but the fact that it’s unplanned, makes it so special!

What do I do with this time?

Do I update my blog?

Do I have dinner?

Is dinner really necessary?

How hungry am I?

Do I go to bed early so as to wake up extra refreshed and ready to start the week feeling great, maybe even with a run?

God, I hope this early turn-down doesn’t mean and early rise! Please, NO!

Do I start that book I’ve been meaning to read ever since baby was born?

Do I clean something?

Do I spend quality time with my daughter even though she’s very deservedly grounded?

Do I research one of the handful of topics I’ve been meaning to look into (why my hair could be falling out so much since baby, how to make a YouTube video (I swear this is true ­čśé), nearest ladies tennis leagues in my area, etc…)?

Do I Facebook? Instagram?

Do I just do nothing at all?!

I almost can’t contain the excitement of this monumental, and very special gift!




Crap! Never mind!

I dropped a plate in my clumsy excitement and baby’s awake.

Well, although, short-lived, it was nice while it lasted. Maybe another day!

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