CD Awareness Week!

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I’m a bit late because I would have liked to have posted this at the beginning of the week, but #momlife. What more can I say?

However, it was CD Awareness week and this post is in honor of it! CD, what?! It’s Cloth Diaper Awareness Week! Yes, I am a fluff mom and love it so, happy fluff to all other cloth diapering mommies out there and everyone else… it’s not as big of a deal as you think; I promise!

WHAT?! But why?! How?! Can’t you can’t afford diapers? Isn’t that a lot of work?

Those are some immediate responses when people find out I cloth diaper and yes, I we can afford diapers, which is why baby wears them!


I love cloth diapering and here are just a few reasons why:

1 – It’s so absolutely adorable! If you don’t understand, then you just haven’t seen what’s out there! You can basically cloth to match gender, apparel, mood, hobby, etc… anything really!

2 – It’s environmentally friendly! No, you don’t really waste that much more water. No, you don’t use up that much more energy. HE machines and drying the old-fashioned way are some personal favorite ways to stay energy conscious. PLUS, the sun is magic! Really! Got a poop stain after washing? The sun magically lifts poop stains! It never ceases to completely blow my mind and I guarantee it will totally blow your mind too!

3 – It’s better for baby’s new, soft, delicate, precious, bum! I love cute baby bums and I love to keep them fresh, clean, healthy, natural and free of chemicals and toxins.

Unknown4 – It save me MONEY! Ca-ching!!! Yes, please!!! Sure, you have to make a large initial investment of anywhere from $500-$1000, but that’s it! A good cloth diaper stash will usually last from birth to potty training! Did someone say one-size? That’s right! Most diapers are one size that adjust while your baby grows. There are ways to spend less and there are a million ways to spend way more. It’s called a cute bum addiction a.k.a a diaper addiction a.k.a a shopping addiction! Be warned – It’s too easy to get carried away!

5 – It makes potty training so much easier! Yes, believe me! I’m by #3 and so far all have been fully potty trained at age 2. Any parent knows that’s quite the accomplishment! How does this work? Well, cloth helps make toddler ‘feel‘ wet and popped and more uncomfortable than with disposable diapers. They ‘feel‘ it, they don’t like it, and they are willing to find a solution!

6 – Cloth diapers hold more, leak less, and are more reliable! Yes, this might just blow your mind also! It’s totally true! If you’re doing the cloth diaper thing right, you rarely see blow outs or soak throughs. I promise this is true. Hard to believe for some, but true!

I’ve really loved my cloth diapering journey and I hope to help others learn more about modern-day cloth diapering. It’s come a loooooong way! Look for more cloth diapering posts soon to learn more!


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