Baby Tired? Just Dock ’em!

Let’s back track, shall we?

About somewhat one year ago from today, I find out that I’m pregnant with baby number 3, a complete surprise by the way, and I immediately make the decision to be very simple with this baby. It had been eight years since the birth of my second baby and I had gotten rid of absolutely everything my kids outgrew because I had finally accepted the fact that our family was perfect the way it was (What the Hell was I thinking…I don’t know!) and I was on a mission to live minimalistic, simple, free. I immediately knew that I would not hoard an agglomeration of baby rubble. I would only purchase exactly what I knew I would absolutely need and was unquestionably necessary. After all, this was baby number three – I knew precisely what I’d need!

Let’s fast forward, shall we?

Three months after baby’s arrival, I’m desperately in search of one item that I ridiculed and laughed at, not understanding it’s significant purpose. I clearly remember coming across this item one day as I perused all the newly invented baby rubble that has come to grace new parents around the country since my last baby. Maybe there was something useful I’d find had been invented since then, although, highly doubtful. Most of this stuff only gets used a handful of times (if lucky) and then just becomes clutter that occupies valuable space or gets stepped on, maybe tripped over, one night by a grumpy, sleep deprived parent as they shuffle their way to meet some tiny need in the dark before finally getting chucked into the garbage in a furious, sleep deprived rage against all things useless. If I survived without it once, I can survive without it again, right?

HAH! Foolish me!

What is this mysterious, best-selling item that parents around the world hail as a ‘must have,’ a necessity, a ‘lifesaver’ that is “ridiculously expensive, but worth it?”

Dun, Dun, Dunnnn….

Ladies and gentlemen… the DocATot!

For those not yet familiar with this piece of parenting gold, it is basically a portable docking station for your new little gadget, your baby. How does it work? Well, like any other modern device, when baby needs a recharge, just dock ’em!

How have I survived the first 3 months without it and why search for it now?

Here’s where I have to stop and notify you that if you are a member of the new and infamous Parent Police League, just stop reading now, leave this blog, and find another more perfect mom to follow because in the next few sentences you will read about how I’ve broken ‘the rules’ in my need to get enough sleep, but lo’ and behold… we all survived!

So, a friend of mine gave me a Boppy Lounger (another item I did NOT ask for because I did NOT use for my previous babies and in my ignorance thought was also rubbish) and found that my newborn slept beautifully and long in this thing. Yes! I know! The lounger comes with specific instructions NOT to use it for sleeping! Please, DO NOT follow my example, DO NOT do as I do! However, for us, It was the only way we all slept long and well through the night and baby took long, good naps during the day. I promise he was well monitored all the time!

The lounger basically worked exactly like this DockATot, cuddling him as he slept. However, he’s outgrown the lounger, leaving me in a desperate search for his next cuddle, which seems to be the beloved DockATot.

But, have you seen this thing? It’s such a simple design, I could probably make one of my own if I had the time and my grandmother’s sewing skills, yet, it’s freakin’ expensive! Let’s just say, expect to pay somewhere near $200 for this pillow that baby WILL outgrow within a few months! Let’s just say after 6 months, when babies realize they are mobile, do we even expect them to stay in it?! Yet, this thing is so popular and sought after that they even have Facebook groups and buy/sell/trade groups dedicated just to this one item… nothing else! Are you serious?!

Oh, I am totally serious and this mom is now on the hunt for her own ridiculously popular, yet freakishly expensive little cuddle bed. Why? Well, because in the end safety, sleep, and sanity are priceless to parents, especially this one!

Don’t be like me. Buy the DockATot before baby arrives and don’t underestimate the new gear!


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