Yes, I’m ‘THAT’ Mom

Are you a ‘note‘ mom?

I am SO a ‘note‘ mom! I have always loved writing to my kids. I write little random notes to them and sometimes leave them in random places for them to find. I also write letters to them every now and then, like at Christmas and on birthdays especially. The random notes I try to keep somewhat humorous, but you better believe the letters are mushy and full of the mommy lovey stuff.


Just this week I packed my son a lunchbox (which I rarely do) and, of course, had to include a note (which I don’t always do). I also like to include inspirational quotes (yes, I’m that mushy… I can’t help it!). Later that night, we were both in the kitchen and the note was on the table so I asked him if he had read his note that day. He said, “oh, no. I mean, I saw it, but didn’t read it.” He then picked it up and read it, smiled and I asked, “what, you saw it and didn’t even read it? What did you do, hide it before your friends had a chance to see?”

He smiled shyly at me at said, “yeah.”

“Do my notes embarrass you?! What?! You don’t want me to write you little notes anymore? You can tell me! I respect that. I don’t mind.”

“A little. No, don’t send them. But… actually, yeah, you can send them.”

A little piece of me died. Not necessarily because he’s at that age where the notes embarrass him, but because he’s at a place where he can’t yet decide. He’s torn. It’s like he doesn’t want to be perceived as mommy’s little boy or too sensitive, but I know he really likes being reminded that he’s loved. He enjoy’s my notes, but worries how he may be perceived because of them. He’s not too sure whether he should care what his friends think or not. He’s growing right before my eyes and trying to figure it all out. I know he’s not trying to spare my feelings because he’s not that kid. He’ll tell me straight out if he doesn’t like something and I respect, appreciate that. I just hope he’s strong enough to stay true to himself because in the end, the kid who bothers him about his notes is probably the one who wishes most that his parent took the time to write him notes.

The classic battle against social pressures.

I know deep down inside he likes my notes. Deep down we all want to find notes. But if he doesn’t, tough, because they’re going to keep popping up when he least expects them! One day he’ll learn that you can never remind someone enough that you love them. He’ll also have learned that moms are just that way.



“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso

(don’t ask me who that is!)

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