Praise the Lord, I ran!

The kids had just left for school, the baby went down for his first and longest nap of the day, my husband would be home for most of the morning, and I made the quick decision to just get out and go for a quick run.

I kind of needed it. I had been yearning for some pavement under my feet, some deep breathing, some sweat on my skin. I have been trying to get back to running, but with a new baby, it’s coming along slowly and I’m trying to keep my perspective:

One – I’m still healing.

Two – time with my baby is top priority. This stage will be gone before I know it and I want to take it all in, enjoy it to the fullest, as much as possible. I’m going to miss this one day.

But this morning I ran and it was great!

If I wanted to do this, I had to get out as quick as I could! I only had a short window of time before the baby would wake up wanting some booby. I was anxious, nervous, excited all over.

PLEASE let this happen Please don’t wake up Just gotta get out! No wash face No wash teeth Won’t be talking to anybody. Clothes. These leggings are fine This shirt from yesterday still on the floor is fast The sneakers in the laundry will do Yesterdays socks it is Just get it all on! Wrap hair up in 1,2, DONE! Smother face in Shea butter, DAMN! OH NO! Dropped the tub of Shea butter QUICK pick it up Keep going Hope he doesn’t wake up Hat, sunglasses, and… OUT!

I finally get going and I’m suddenly experiencing a myriad of emotions.

Yes! I can’t believe I’m doing this I can’t believe I’m out This is great This is awesome oh how I’ve missed this This feels great Keep your cool Slow it down STEADY Nice and slow Don’t lose yourself or you won’t make it far Just take it easy BREATHE posture focus on form Breath WOW!

It felt great! I run for that feeling, to feel great. It’s a feeling that transcends everything and anything else for the rest of the day. I ran and ran and ran. I felt like I could keep running, but had to remind myself not to push too much and that there will be someone needing me soon. I didn’t look at time, pace, distance, just kept running. I found myself meditating and thanking God for that time, that run, that day, my husband, my kids, my family, my friends, my in-laws (must have been runner’s high at that point!)… EVERYTHING!

I decided to run until my body told me I should stop. I know it couldn’t be too long. I was feeling great! WOW! I felt strong!

When I finally felt like I had certainly run at least 3 miles (no way it could have been less!) and I should probably slow it down, I stopped. The .5 miles back home was perfect for a cool down walk. I looked at my watch only to find a total of 2 miles at about a 10.40 pace.


It was perfect. The distance did not matter. The pace did not matter. The feeling I got from that short run was worth everything. It set the precedent for the rest of my day.

I was ready for anything!


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