Put Down Your Device, Mama

Mama, put down that device.

Look down at your baby; hold them tight and look down at the beauty in your arms instead.

I know the temptation looms when you sit there all alone to nurse or feed your baby, yet again, to pick up that device and get something done, look something up, update that status, post that picture. You don’t realize that you will never get that moment back and you’re one feeding closer to your last.

The face that you cradle in your arms will not stop growing, changing. The innocence that fills your arms will soon be gone. The skin so soft and new that you feel against your own will soon be bumped, bit, and bruised by adventure and exploration.

One day that baby won’t fit in your arms, won’t need your comfort, but right now you are their entire world. For this slither of a moment, you are their beginning and their end; you are their everything.

Don’t miss the way they look up at you. Allow your heart to melt in that face that looks up so full of love and wonder. Don’t miss that tiny smile that sometimes comes when their eyes meet yours. And if by chance, they doze off to sleep, hold them a little longer, a little tighter.

Right now, in this moment, they can’t get enough of you, but one day they will have had enough.

So, mama, don’t waste this moment because the device can wait, but this moment is now or never and soon you’re going to wish for just one more moment like this.


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