The Oily Secret is Out

I have a confession.

I have joined the oily side!

Yes, I am an essential oil user. Please, don’t judge for I haven’t just joined this band wagon! Essential oils have experienced a certain increase in popularity and interest lately, but I have used essential oils since childhood actually!

Yes, I have memories of inhalations over a hot bowl of water with a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to help loosen things up, if you know what I mean. Then there’s Tea Tree, ah, Tea Tree! I was reluctant about that one at first because of its strong odor, but was quickly won over by its effectiveness and now it’s a staple for me. Then came Lavender. I LOVE lavender and when my anxiety levels started rising a few years back, I couldn’t have enough of it.

Fast forward to today and I have come to really love my collection of oils! Now, I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate and I do buy my oils exclusively from doTerra, but I don’t want to be ‘one of those people.’ C’mon! You know, you know!

Well, since I love essential oils so much for just about everything, it will show up every now and then on posts. However, I don’t plan to focus on  solely doTerra. I just plan to share my favorite oils and the ways that I like to use them. I really believe essential oils are amazing for cleaning, health, beauty, and personal care. They can be used all over the home and I actually do!

I’ve decided to dedicate a section of my blog for this. If you’re interested, check it out; If it’s not your thing, don’t. No biggie!

So, you have been forewarned… there will be oily posts!

And BTW, I DO have an oil for that!  😉

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