Kid’s Parties Are Overrated

Have you thrown your kid a birthday party before? If you have, then you know how expensive they are. If you haven’t, then take it from me, just pack up everyone’s bags and leave town for a weekend; DO NOT throw the damn party!

I’ve never been a fan of kid’s birthday parties, which is why I generally don’t throw one, but I make exceptions. My kids get a 1st birthday party, maybe a 5th, and more recently, I threw my son a 10th birthday bash. I’ve now decided that after 10 years old, NO MORE parties!

Here’s the thing:

1- You’re going to spend a shit load of money on just a few hours. You might as well take that money, use it to take a small, family vacation anywhere, and make days worth of memories with your kid. Besides, who doesn’t need another get-away or reason to escape the mundane???

2- You’re going to invite guests and guests are too damn difficult to please! Forget it! Don’t even try! It’s impossible to please everyone. There will always be nay-sayers and negatives. It doesn’t matter how big or small you go, people are difficult to please and can be critical! Not like this should matter, because the only one that should matter is your kid, but seriously… it bugs.

3- Once you’re in it, you have to go all the way! Once you decide to throw a kids party, you can’t go half ass and there’s a lot that goes into it: a variety of food, enough cake, a theme, some type of decor, kid’s take home thank you baggies (I don’t know when this started because when I was a kid I never took anything home with me when I went to a party, but it’s for real now!), activities, invites, details, etc.. All of that equals ‘mula‘ (đź’°), baby!

Oh, and about those thank you baggies… IMG_4484it’s always full of stuff us moms want to throw out anyway! Am I the only one who hates finding candy and annoying little, useless, plastic toys (AKA ‘trash’) around the house after a party?! I know all that crap ends up in the trash within days, maybe even hours! Why do we continue to spend money on this?! Why is this a thing?! No matter how much I tried to keep them simple, homemade, and affordable, I still spent about $50 on 15 of them… and got left with about 5! 

4- The prep. Nothing more to say.

5- The clean-up. Again, nothing more to say.

6- You will always get left with a ton of shit you don’t need, nor want. Example: I just threw my son a 10th birthday party and got left with 2 boxes of large pizzas (after giving away about 5!), almost a whole cake, balloons, an extra tray of finger food, extra ‘thank you’ baggies, etc.. All things you already spent good, hard-earned money for. How does this happen? Well, you always have to plan for those that RSVP with a ‘maybe’ or those that RSVP with a yes, but don’t show. It happens.

7- The after party exhaustion that only Mom will endure is real. Nothing more to say here either, except that at 5 months pregnant, it took me the whole next day to recover. The exhaustion was physical and real!

I highly recommend taking a few days to get away with your kids over throwing them a birthday party. In the end, what we spent on our son’s birthday bash, we could have gone out of town for the weekend, and, in my opinion, it would have been less stressful.

However, because I don’t generally throw birthday parties, the kids are left with that want, which is why I throw about 3 per kid’s childhood… no more! In the end, they do have a great time and are, hopefully, thankful for all the effort you put into their big day. There is also that amazing feeling when you see your child smiling and loving all the attention on their day. I guess that could be worth, at least some of, what was spent.


My son turned 10 last week and we threw him a paintball party for him and his friends. I have to say it turned out to be a great success and everyone loved it, but it’s always a difficult expense and a tad stressful. Not to mention, this all happened only 1 month since we experienced a serious hurricane in our South Florida area, where displaced without power for about a week and a half, my husband has been working around the clock, our city is still cleaning up debris, and I am 5 months pregnant. Just a jolly combination, huh?!

So, if you were wondering where the Hell the ‘chaos’ part of my life is… oh, believe me, it’s DEFINITELY there! My house is a mess and in 4 days my husband has yet another triathlon race… a 70.3 half Ironman. That only means my house will be a mess, again, next week.

shutters still up on the other side of that glass sliding door, piles of laundry that got put aside while I planned a party, worked par-time, and drove the kids around town all week, a paddle board sticking that we stored inside during the hurricane and bags of charcoal we bought just in case. Bikes are serious in our house; We ARE bike people! And.. that is a new frame I still haven’t been able to get to.


Yup, life is crazy busy! Just taking one day at a time!




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