Conversations With My Boy…


This may be TMI for some, but hey, it’s the truth! This is an actual conversation between my 10 year old son and myself today, when I HAD to use our only bathroom while he was still showering because I REALLY couldn’t wait…

Son: “UH! Mom, you’re pooping?!”

Mom: “I’m sorry! I’m pooping for two now, not just one, and eating super healthy so, it’s basically like my ass goes to war with the toilet, regularly…. and wins.”

Son: laughs hysterically 😂

I just totally LOVE the relationship I have with my son! He’s awesome!

Don’t worry, he didn’t suffer long; He was basically done with his shower and walked out laughing after our little exchange. As for my war with the toilet… it didn’t last long either, thanks to a healthy diet. 😜

You know there’s a somewhat related blog coming soon, right?!

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