You Know You’re Pregnant When…


If you don’t already know, I’m currently pregnant with my third little tyrant! It’s a bit surreal for me because although I thought I wanted a large family, after actually having two, I realized it probably wasn’t for us. We had a boy and a girl and everything seemed perfect… that is until we found out it apparently wasn’t perfect yet?

Anyway, this pregnancy has me thinking of some funny one liners that continue to circulate in my head inspired by some jokes made popular by Jeff Foxworthy (he’s a comedian y’all!). You see, I grew up watching Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy skits where he made popular a set of one-liners that always started with “You might be a redneck if…” He was always adding new jokes and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still coming up with them!

Well, this pregnancy has me telling myself, “you know you’re pregnant when…” So, I came up with what I think is a fun idea (I hope I’m not the only cheesy one out there that thinks this could be fun!). I decided to dedicate a whole page on my blog to this stuff and call it… guys what?!

“You Know You’re Pregnant When…!”

I’ll add some of the things I’ve come up with, but want other moms to help come up with some good stuff! I can’t wait to see what kind of hilarious things we moms can come up!┬áPlease go ahead and visit my “You Know You’re Pregnant When…,” page, go through the funnies already there and feel free to leave your comments! Don’t forget to leave your ideas for new one-liners in the comments section and I’ll go ahead and add them to the list with your info for props!

*It has been brought to my attention that there seems to be difficulty leaving comments directly on the “You Know You’re Pregnant When” page. I’m working on getting it resolved, but until then, feel free to leave your funny right here, down below!

Have fun!



  1. No place to leave comments on the other page. I’ll say you know you’re pregnant when you pass the bathroom and think, “I might as well go now while I’m near it since I’ll have to come back in a half hour anyway.”

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